Working with community partners, Our Community Food Projects (OCFP) establishes and implements new community based projects to increase access to healthy food. OCFP works to address issues of food equity, social justice and economic disparities. Founded in 2010, through a Minnesota Statewide Health Improvement Project (SHIP) grant with Washington County Public Health and Environment and The Land Stewardship Project, OCFP focuses on long-term community adoption of food and food equity projects serving diverse communities in the Eastern Metro. 

Ann DeLaVergne

Ann is the founder of OCFP and works as a consultant to help communities establish community farms, gardens, kitchens, and youth programs.   To learn how you can start creating access to healthy food in your community you can contact Ann by email at ann@ourcommunityfoodprojecst.com, and by phone at 651-329-0125.

Ann DeLaVergne, Director of Our Community Food Projects received two awarda from the Washington County Commissioner’s office for her great work in the East Metro!

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