Ann DeLaVergne

Ann DeLaVergne

Ann DeLaVergne, Director of OCFP, has been a community organizer since 1992.  She started a CSA farm in Stillwater, MN, worked as the Membership and Marketing Manager for a  Market Co-op, established Meadowlark Community Garden (now in its’ 18th year) and has fostered healthy eating, economic development and environmental stewardship through grassroots organizing and institutional policy change. In 2002, Ann started ecoEnvelopes LLC with Patented designs to reduce paper waste in the mail. She integrates community organizing and business development skills to support people, a clean sustainable environment, and access to healthy food choices for a healthy future for all.  The Minnesota Department of Health awarded Ann a Community Service Recognition Award for 2012.

Ann is trained and utilizes Technology of Participation (ToP) on projects where she is a collaborator.  She is a skilled facilitator of group communication, and leads teams of people to help them further their group potential and reach their ultimate goal.  In her work, Anne strives create an environment of sustainability, helping animate ideas and programs that lead to a sustainable, long lasting, and far reaching impact.

Susan Jackson, Cimarron Community Gardener

Susan Jackson, Cimarron Community Garden

Jasmine, Damian, Ann, Taylor, Sean

Jasmine, Damian, Ann, Taylor, Sean.  Cimarron Youth Garden

Vincente, Christiana, Charles, Nosa, Rose, and Moses

Vincente, Christiana, Charles, Nosa, Rose, and Moses.  Harmony Garden and Greenhouse