Community Gardens

If you are interested in growing your own food and meeting your neighbors then you might want to consider joining one of the community gardens in and around Stillwater.  Or maybe you are interested in volunteering at one of the giving gardens in our area.  Unlike a community garden where people grow food for their own consumption, giving gardens grow food to give away to food shelves or people in the community that generally can’t afford fresh local produce.   Either way gardening is great exercise and even if you never gardened before you will find the that the learning curve is low to start.  In fact your job as a gardener is to provide a healthy environment for your seeds and plants and they know how to do the rest.  To help you get started finding a garden we have collected the names, locations, and the contacts for the community gardens and giving gardens in the area.  You may call or email the contacts for the gardens to learn more.


South Hill Community Garden

Oak Park Heights

Candee Jones, 651-983-0732,


North Hill Community Garden


Jack Roddy, 651-431-1099,


Guardian Angels Food Shelf Garden

*This is a giving garden with volunteer opportunities available


Patrick Kendellen, 651-730-0715,


Newport Community Garden and Giving Garden


Renee Eisenbeisz, 651-459-5677,


Meadowbrook Organic Community Garden


Mandy Marquardt,


People’s Community Garden


John Norheim, 651-331-8334,


Woodbury Lutheran Church Giving Garden


Ted Bolles, 651-308-5775,


Cimarron Community Garden (open only to residents of Cimarron)

Lake Elmo

Ann DeLaVergne, 651- 329-0125,


North Hill Community Garden


Jack Roddy, 651-431-1099,





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