Harmony Greenhouse


Harmony Greenhouse

Our Community Food Projects partnered with Century College and Independent School District 622 to open a greenhouse program to students who attend Harmony Learning Center in Maplewood, MN.  Harmony Learning Center is an education center that serves 800 immigrant students. Students attending Harmony have the opportunity to take part in an 8 week Greenhouse Management session, taught by Horticulture intHarmony Greenhouse onionerns at Century College.

The Harmony Greenhouse offers these opportunities for English Language Learners,  other students and in 2016 to the general public through Community Education:
  • English language skills, celebrating cultures, and building community
  • Food production skills and education
  • Greenhouse Grower Skills Certificate from Independent School District 622
  • Business and economic develop skills through the sale of seedlings to the community
  • Basic greenhouse skills for gardeners
 Greenhouse Building Project at Harmony Learning Center

Part of the Harmony Greenhouse program includes the building of a passive solar greenhouse at Harmony Learning Center.  Under the guidance of OCFP and Century College, students planned, purchased materials, and helped build the structure.  The goal of this project is to have all learning, growing, and caring for plants at the Harmony location.

For more information about Harmony Community Garden contact Cheryl Gypers at District 622 Community Education, Adult Learning.

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